Doula Services

A Doula is a birth companion

The term Doula is derived from the Greek language and loosely translated means mothering the mother. While serving as your Doula, I provide continuous loving support for the physical and emotional needs of the mother and her partner during labor and the birth Karen Sternberg Sedona, Arizona Doula Servicesprocess. It is so important to feel like your needs are being met while preparing for your delivery and having another woman who can help coach both you and your partner is so very helpful. As your Doula I am  there to be your advocate in your labor setting, whether that is in the hospital, in your home or a birth center.

Because I believe that how we birth matters, and that our birthing experience has long term effects,  it is very important to me that women are educated about the many choices that are available. Providing uninterrupted care, ( meaning I don’t really leave the laboring woman) can help add to your sense of empowerment. Sometimes I may be on the other side of the room, get ice chips, help you and your partner to understand what is happening, inform other family members about the progression of the labor and just generally see what is needed for the most relaxed and joyful birth of your baby.

A Doula’s mission is to attend to the mom, not the needs of the newborn which is the primary focus of nurses, doctors and midwives. This is an important point to consider and the mothers whose births that I have attended have been so relieved to have another woman who understands the birth process be available. I am a great cheerleader.

I will help you come up with a Birth Plan, provide massage and other techniques for pain management and overall be available to help negotiate this tremendous occasion. Together we will journey to find the most sacred and desired outcome for everyone.

Fees determined on an individual basis.

To learn more about doula services, please go to Wikipedia.