Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massageBenefits of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage uses slow, firm pressure, delving deeply into the muscle fibers and spindles to remove adhesions and lessen pain. Working with the facia and connective tissue, we can “teach “ contracted muscles to release, thus enabling more blood flow to the area and increased range of motion.

Many people experience headaches, tension in neck and/or shoulders, or lower back pain.  These maladies can be greatly helped using deep tissue massage. Once I have loosened up the area with some gentler strokes, bringing increased circulation to the different problem areas, then I can very slowly start breaking up the adhesions and differentiate between individual muscle groups.

I am a big proponent of using the breath as a tool to find greater freedom in both the body and mind, there is much evidence to support this philosophy, that just by taking some deep breaths, we can find greater relaxation, both physically and mentally. So in each of deep tissue massagemy sessions, especially deep tissue massage, I encourage and invite the clients to use their breath to further let go of tension and stress that is held in the body. Once the body has relaxed then there is an opportunity for new ways of relieving carried tension and stress. Remembering to loosen your jaw, let your shoulders fall away from your ears, take a nice sigh, maybe even vocally say the word ahhhh. These all will contribute to feeling better physically and emotionally.

Many people are reluctant to try deep tissue, afraid that it will be painful. I do not work on the “no pain, no gain theory”, I only go as deep as the tissue will comfortably allow. Strong sensation is fine, but if you can’t breathe through it, then we are in the pain zone and I do not believe that is where true healing takes place.  We accomplish true healing by inviting the tissue to open.

60 minutes – $85, 90 Minutes – $125