Hot Stone Massage

Pamper your body with a hot stone massage!

Hot stone massage is a very powerful and therapeutic session. I use warm, basalt stones which have been worn smooth from rivers or the ocean and place them on your body.  The heat penetrates deeply into the muscle fibers and allows for tense and contracted muscles to “melt” the surrounding tissue.

With a hot stone massage session I am able to go deeper with less pressure since the stones have already warmed up the area. Using the stones as a tool in the areas where
many people are experiencing tightness i.e. shoulders, neck, lower back and hamstrings is extremely effective and relaxing.  Combining the use of the stones with traditional massage is a great way to break up adhesions in the facia and delineate the different muscles that can become “glued” together.  When muscles get bound together which often occurs in the shoulder and neck region then there can be pain and loss of range of motion.The hot stone massage can be extremely effective in reducing strain and pain.

Hot Stone MassageWarmed stones have been used for centuries as a way of providing pain relief and for their therapeutic value. Dating as far back as the Ming dynasty in China, Native American Sweat Lodges, and use in the Polynesian Islands people have recognized the value of the combination of heat and loving touch. The resurgence of using heated stones in massage happened in the late 1980s or early 1990s and is very popular because it is so beneficial.

The smooth texture of the rock and the heat provides dramatic stress reducing results.  Many clients go into a deep meditative state early in the session.  The stone placement along the chakras helps clear the body’s energetic system.

The heat from the stones used in hot stone massage causes vasodilatation (opening of the blood vessels), causing an increase in circulation in the surrounding tissue.

60 minutes – $85, 90 Minutes – $125