Lymphatic Massage

Find optimum health with lymphatic massage

Lymphatic Massage is used to flush the lymph system and ignite the immune system. The lymph system is the only system in the body that does not have its own pump. So by physical manipulation (i.e. massage) we can assist the body in removing built up toxins and the pooling of the lymph. There are several main areas where lymph collects and using very light strokes and repetitive movements we can aid the lymph system and direct the body toward optimum health. All lymph vessels ultimately lead to lymph nodes. The main function of lymph nodes is to filter and purify the lymph.The lymph system is responsible for immune system regulation.  When the immune system is operating correctly we feel more vitality and the body’s inherent healing mechanisms are able to ward off disease and other contagions.

lymphatic massageThe Lymphatic Massage that I give is a very gentle session. Since the work is so light, it can be performed on areas of the body that are tender. The lymph system works with the circulatory system so we are always moving the lymph in the direction of the heart. This is an excellent massage for anyone who is feeling fatigued, has recently undergone an inordinate amount of stress or someone who has been ill. Cancer patients can benefit greatly from this session but should only do so with the permission of their physician.

I have worked with some seriously ill patients whose bodies were retaining a lot of water or who actually had lymphedema. The results were quite remarkable after even one session of lymphatic massage. Often times I will use some essential oils during this massage as that can be very beneficial in aiding the healing process. Lavender and wild chamomile  are particularly known for their relaxing and healing properties.

60 minutes – $75, 90 Minutes – $110